Customer Relations Manager (CRM) for Malaysian-based SME’s

Who would not want their businesses to have increased sales, more considerable customer base, and more exposure? Such growth is something that all small and medium enterprises strive for, and with it comes to the need for improved organization skills and streamed processes within your business. This is where Customer Relations Management (CRM) Software comes and will do just the trick for your businesses. 

To find those tools and Customer Relations Manager (CRM) for Malaysian-based SME’s who can successfully fulfill your primary business goals like contact organization, sales reporting, customer segmentation can be an arduous task. However, we have combined a list of some potential Customer Relations Manager (CRM) for Malaysian-based SME’s and tools out there to help you. They include

Agile CRM-Customer Relations Manager (CRM)

Get a chance to automate all your sales, marketing and services at the single platform of Agile with easy implementation and great support, all at really affordable rates. This global brand has created complete integrated sales and marketing solution for SMBs to ensure the success of your businesses. Their next generation strategies keep up to your expectations and are very simple to use.

Deskera-Customer Relations Manager (CRM)

They are a leading cloud-based business software provider with their headquarters spread all around South East Asia, including Malaysia. They aim and focus on creating simple yet effective enterprise software that drives and ensures progress for their clients. They make sure their products are configured to fit customer needs and industries of all sizes.


Starsolutions-Customer Relations Manager (CRM)

One of the leading providers of CRM software and services in Asia-Pacific that offers you a range of compelling products and services to create superior and effective customer engagement. They also provide hybrid combinations and world-class CRM software and services at very reasonable and fair prices.


Claritascrm-Customer Relations Manager (CRM)

They empower you to maintain and manage your relationship with customers from every aspect, enable and promote customer satisfaction, and ensure retention. They are highly capable of marketing, sales, and support. Their team uses specialized tools to target prospects, manage leads, automate sales, and much more.

Mason-Customer Relations Manager (CRM)

They are professional service providers for CRM, incentive compensation, and database management including software like Microsoft Dynamics, Callidus, Oracle, etc. They have expanded into two unique entities to provide specialized services which focus on CRM solutions and other databases.


Secondcrm-Customer Relations Manager (CRM)

This CRM is a customizable business automation solution committed to improving the productivity of corporations by focusing on automating sales, operations, and customer services. They aim to be a technology partner rather than rushing technology providers and understand your requirements first to provide just the perfect solution that fits.

Plexure-Customer Relations Manager (CRM)

Plexure can help your business run better than ever with their diversified CRM solutions. This leading CRM software company provides unbiased, expert advice on sound and affordable CRM solutions to ensure your business’s present and future success. They aim to improve customer satisfaction, optimize business processes, increase productivity, fair costs, and tracking sales performances.

Firstlink-Customer Relations Manager (CRM)

This company is an e-business solutions provider that focuses on serving its customers with affordable, secure, and demanded CRM software applications and tools called Bee Solution. This solution offers a complete set of sales force automation tools and effective customization ways to support your sales processes.

Mynetiquette-Customer Relations Manager (CRM)

Netiquette CRM system is designed to combine sales force automation and customer service management. Their system provides you the opportunity to view your customers from every angle and collect their vital data to generate more sales opportunity. It also helps in business automation such as in converting leads into sales, managing sales, customer training, and much more.

Tigernix-Customer Relations Manager (CRM)

Tigernix is online Customer Relations Managing software that provides you many effective and robust solutions so you can build on your customer relationships systematically. Their services include sales force automation, marketing automation, customer support and service, CRM marketing, security management, and much more. This rich set of tools can manage all your business needs and enhance productivity effectively.


In this digital world, developing companies require automated and advanced solutions to their growing needs for proper business management. Since Customer Relations Management strategy focuses on customers and their demands, its implementation must be done with appropriate skills and expertise through carefully chosen software systems and tools.

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