We are ever keen to increase our clientele in providing them the best of our solutions. Here are some of the client that we serve and the work we did for them


Budak Kimia is a bike care brand which has high affinity in branding themselves within the Malay speaking community.

With existing of 8000 plus followers plus their viral gimmick video, this was a strong brand with lack of digital sales

Task required

  • Help within their contest mechanics campaign using Facebook Ads
  • Derives sales which is linked to their Shopee account
  • Create interactive creatives


baba baa was one of our most digitally established client, with strong branding presence in multiple well know digital media such as vulcan post.

It was an honor working directly with the founder herself where we were able to grow ourself as a company and find a very basic niche as sound book can be sold profitably online

Task required

  • Create creatives for Facebook advertising
  • Make current Facebook ads profitable especially for her flagship product Rasa Sayang Sound Book


Blooms & Balloons were a new florist based in Kelana Jaya and a new retail shop opening in Sime Darby Medical Centre (SJMC) who were looking to pivot online.

They were fresh of their success on Valentine and hope non-valentine day sales would be as high as well.

However, the owners founds that competitive and seasonal business require a long term strategy.

Task required

  • Optimize website seasonally
  • Increase Facebook and Instagram Followers via paid ads
  • Create a brand presence via online campaigns
  • Conduct a contest form of giveaway to boost sales
  • Social Media management (announcements, signage designs, grand opening)


One of our longest serving clients, Tea Bird Tea is an unique tea blend product that is targetted in the premium tea segment.

Although website has been existent early using Shopify, online sales were few till early March 2020.

An account with the history of reaching intended sales target within 2 months of Facebook Ads

Task required

  • Optimize website 
  • Create chatbots for sales (nurturing & education phase)
  • Integrate Manychat with Shopify (Sales notification and abandoned cart notification)
  • Increase profitability of Facebooks Ads with video creative (Pre-covid)


A unique gym, which has multitude of function including personalized training, rehabilitation.

Traine had an unique proposition compared to other similar gyms in which they have experienced and necessary athletes endorsement including popular Malaysian striker Safee Sali

Task required

  • Create Facebook page from scratch
  • Setting up ad accounts, lead centres and Facebook ads
  • Billboard design