How Can You Market Online With A Budget of Less than RM 1,000/Month?


One doesn’t always need to spend tons of bucks on marketing to promote any brand or business. Though the markets are saturated and the competitions are tough in this rushing world, this does not mean you can’t compete online just because your budgets are limited. They are plenty of freeways, low-budget strategies, and economical methods out there that can do just the job you want.

So if you don’t have huge pockets to help in your business venture, don’t you worry because we have just the perfect online marketing tactics that you can use for the successful promotion of your stuff and only within a budget of RM1,000/month. Check out these fantastic strategies and get ready to compete in the big leagues!

Create catchy video content

Instructional videos and similar content can be really valuable for your online marketing, and though the professionals cost quite much, you can still produce some amazing stuff yourself. Ignore the fancy equipment and start away with your smartphone to record videos. Invest a little on some decent camera or microphone, and that’s it. Video content is the best of the tactics when it comes to approaching people. They are versatile, and it is very convenient to share the same videos on all your marketing channels. Create as many as possible, short or long, and you can even send them to your subscriber list.

Here is a cool video we did using mobile phone and got us 18 hot lead within 2 weeks it was published in our online marketing agency FB page.

Professional Videography Services in Malaysia such as this might cost anyway between RM 5-10k and if you’re on thin budget best avoid it.

Posting good quality content

This is a great strategy and also one of the most obvious important points for online marketing. Publishing quality content is free, and you don’t even need to spend a dime on it if you can do it yourself! Also if you think you’re not that great, hire someone within your budgets for some nice blogging.

Neil Patel, Online Marketing Guru, has some great contents that attract millions of visitors to his website.

Exciting DIY Infographics

Good content is all-important for your marketing platform, but most of the times, it can get boring. Visuals are far more attractive and easier to comprehend than written information, especially when the users are just scanning stuff online. Hiring designers to create eye-catching infographics is great, but considering the budgets, you can try them out yourself too. Just some practice and some free online illustrators, and you can create free amazing infographics yourself!

Here we found article describing cool infographic ideas for online marketing purposes. 

Exciting Online Contests

Hosting an exciting online contest is one of the super easy ways to draw a large number of users. You don’t even need a super expensive prize for this. Anything from some brand coupons to fancy backpacks or even decorative stuff within your RM1000 budget can do the job.

Sweepstakes and online contest has been a proven low budget marketing tactics that has been used before the dawn of internet itself. UpViral is a software that makes the creating of online contest far easier.

Apply for online awards

Business awards are always an excellent idea for your publicity and to attract a crowd. Many brands and businesses often have some awards that you can apply for, and after winning, you can pin them on your website, which will help to boost credibility and ultimately help you promote your stuff.

Even if there aren’t any such awards for your related work, you can always host your own. This will get you even more attention, and you can get a chance to also collaborate and connect with similar businesses like yours.

Applying for online awards such as the Malaysia Website Awards allows your business to be more indexable by search engines. Furthermore there are readily available eyeballs which view the awards website daily.

New Outta Old

If you have tight pockets and you can’t afford to hire new members to help you with your content, get creative, and start recycling old content. Dig deep through your old posts, marketing stuff, and data and use them to create some new researches and studies. Moreover, there is also lots of ignored old stuff on the web. Find what’s relevant for you, alter and polish it up and create new stuff!

Old Marketing Technique

Live online marketing

Live videos and talks with your audience is always a free, very beneficial method of attracting your audience. Your authentic interaction shows the users your true spirit. You can stream live contests, respond to comments, and even receive live feedback.

live video online marketing

Finally! Low marketing budget has never been this much more effective since the emergence of internet

So now you’ll probably know that only lots of money are not needed to stir up your online marketing game. Just bring your inner creative, interesting, exciting self out and become a pro in budget marketing with all the strategies above!

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